Map of our planned and actual route

There are many ideas for the planned route, so while on the road we are going to make adjustments to this initial plan. But this is what we have planned and already completed so far..

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Where are we going next? This is the plan as of APRIL 2012

- shortest way Hamburg-Cabo da Roca (most western point on the European continent)

- visiting the southern most point in Tarifa, Spain and Gibraltar (April 2012)

- going along the mediterranean coast in Spain and France to Northern Italy

- the Balkans, Greece, Turkey (May-June 2012)

- Iran, on to the old Silk Road to Turkmenistan, Usbekistan, Tajikistan and Kirgistan (June-Aug 2012)

- crossing Western China on the Karakoram Highway to Pakistan (Sept 2012)

- Pakistan, India, Nepal (Sept 2012)

- from Tibet through the southwestern chinese province Yunnan to Laos (Oct 2012)

- Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore (Nov-Dec 2012)

- New Zealand (early 2013)


By the time we reach New Zealand we will have completed 188° longitude.


As we have first-hand experience on how quickly plans can change, this is only a rough guess.

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