Who are we?

What does Alser-On-Tour mean? In our local dialect "Alser" is the name of a person living in the small town of Alzey in the beautiful southwest of Germany. This is where we lived before making the road our home :-)

We can't really name a specific moment when we decided to go on a trip around the world, the idea just grew over the course of a year and by the end of 2008 it was decided: let's do it!

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 About us



Annaleen, born 1978


Uli, born 1976

BMW F 650 GS



BMW F 800 GS

I've been interested in the world of travelling since I was little. Maps have always been fascinating and I could sit for hours finding out about countries, cities, places.

After spending 6 months near Seattle during my Junior year of high-school, I knew I wanted to travel even more. I made it my profession and studied Tourism Management in Germany and Australia.

Compared to travelling, motor bikes have been a part of my life for only a short time. When I was 16 I had a little Vespa to get me to school and back. It took another ten years to get me interested in motor bikes, that's when I met Uli. First I was a passenger on his Harley-Davidson. Within the first year of being a sozia I decided that it would be even more fun to ride a bike myself. So I got my licence and a Suzuki GS 500 E.

Early 2009 I sold the Suzi to get a brand new BMW and rode 21000km in that year. After another 17000k's in 2010 I am convinced that we found reliable and comfy bikes for our trip around the globe.

I am excited to start this journey! A new, totally different life is awaiting us - can't wait to get on the road!



How do you come up with the idea to ride around the world on a motor bike?

Well first of all it is the passion for motor bikes. At 15 years old, I bought a moped (Herkules Prima 5 S) from my brother. It had 2 gears.  Being a high-school student with a lot of time on my hands, I could spend hours and hours working and modifying the moped with my buddy Carsten.  When I was 16, I got myself a yellow-blue  DT LC 2. To me it was quite an upgrade. Also on this bike I spend many working hours to come up with modifications, both technical and optical. Auch an dieser habe ich wieder Modifizierungen vorgenommen.

The journeys on these two bikes were limited to a radius of about 150km around my home town.  Having no money for both a car and a motor bike, I went through a bike-free time for about 2 years. This dreadful time ended when I bought a Suzuki GSX F 600 when I was 20.

I really started riding motor bikes, when I got my beloved yellow-bronze Harley-Davidson Fat Boy. Being a member of the  HOG Rhein-Neckar-Chapter, I soon enjoyed long journeys on the bike and spent pretty much all of my vacation time touring through Europe, the US and even New Zealand. So far the longest tour I have completed was riding through 10 European countries in 6 weeks in the summer of 2006. When I got home, I had ridden 17,500km.

All these trips have one thing in common - they had been too short.

After meeting Annaleen and enjoying many bike trips together with her, we finally decided to give up our settled life in Germany for a while and explore the globe!

We are now going to manage our very own project "riding the world". I am looking forward to seeing the world. It will be exciting to find out how this trip will affect our lifes.