to our website about our trip around the world on two BMW motorcycles. On the following pages you find information about us, the journey and the bikes!

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Travel Journal

Planned and Actual Route

About Us

The Content - What to find on this website


The Story: Travel Journal

We keep a travel journal which we will publish more or less regularly. Most of the journal entries also contain a short video! At the end of each page you will find a link to the pictures. All apologies, due to technical reasons we could only link to the pictures on the German site - thus, the titles are all in German, but we are sure you'll get the meaning. This is the direct link to the list of photo albums posted so far ("Vorbereitung" = preparation).


The Trip: Planned Route and Completed Route

Before we started the journey, we made a rough plan of the countries we want to visit and the roads we want to take. Obviously, this has already been adjusted and changed a few times since we have been on the road :-)

We track our journey and make the tracks available for download in "completed route".

In order to prepare for the trip, we had read the websites of other travelers. We will keep a list of links of websites we find interesting and a useful source of information. to be published soon


The Bikes: Equipment and Modifications (sorry, German only)

Details on the bikes and the modifications we made to get them ready for the long journey


The Alser-On-Tour: About Us

Who are we? Find out more


Get in touch: Contact Form

Please send us a message! We are looking forward to hearing/reading from you and receiving feedback on our trip and our website. If you are travelling yourself or are planning a trip, please share your story.

The contact form is embedded in the German version of the travel journal. Just fill out the form and click on "Feedback abschicken" to send it to us.